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Antifreeze and Engine Coolant Analysis Services

Individual Analytical Methods
Analytical Testing
Individual Analytical Methods

pH of Engine Coolants (ASTM D1287)

pH of Water (ASTM 1293)

Relative Density - Hydrometer (ASTM D1122)

Relative Density - Digital Meter (ASTM D5931)

Reserve Alkalinity of Coolants (ASTM D1121)

Total Dissolved Solids by Fed 302A

Water Content in Antifreeze (ASTM D1123)

Total Dissolved Solids by 2% Conductivity

Extended Life Coolant Components (Broad)
Benzoate, 2-Ethylhexanoic acid, Sebacic acid, MBT, TTZ, BZT, Azelaic acid, Dodecandioic acid, Pimelic acid, Suberic acid, Undercandioic acid

Freeze Point of Engine Coolants (ASTM D1177)

Freeze Point by Refractometer (ASTM D3321)

Glycols by Gas Chromatography (ASTM E202)

Hardness in Water (ASTM D1126)

Metals by ICP(ASTM D6130)

Particulate and Dissolved Matter (ASTM D1126)

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