Antifreeze, Engine Coolant, Heat Exchanger Performance Testing

Test Volume Required* Price (US $)
ASTM D3306 Group 32 liters 8900
ASTM D5752 Group** 1 liter 8900
ASTM D6210 Group (without ASTM D7583 if required) 32 liters 9900
ASTM D6471 or D6472 (without Fleet Test) 32 liters 9200
JIS K2234 Group 32 liters Please Contact Lab
ASTM E1177 for Glycols 2 liters 2200
ASTM D7713 for Prediluted Glycols 2 liters 2300
ASTM D7640 for Engine Grade Glycerin 2 liters 1800

Cummins Engine Standard 14603 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Coolant

CES 14606, Heavy Duty Engine Coolant

30 liters 11300
Daimler (Detroit Diesel) 93K217 Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Coolant 30 liters Please Contact Lab
Individual Performance Test Methods
Cavitation Corrosion of Water Pump (ASTM D2809)* 4 liters 2580
Cavitation Corrosion of Chrysler Water Pump (ASTM D2809 with Chysler Water Pump) 4 liters 2580
Cavitaiton Corrosion of Water Pump (ASTM D2809 300 Hour Modification) 4 liters 4600
Corrosion in Glassware (ASTM D1384) 1 liter 975
Corrosion in Glassware for Heat Transfer Fluids (ASTM D8040) Contact Lab 975
Corrosion of Heat Rejecting Aluminum Surfaces (ASTM D4340) 0.75 liter 850
Effect on Automotive Finish (ASTM D1882) 150 ml 99
Foaming Tendencies of Coolants (ASTM D 1881) 1 liter 275
Foaming of Coolants at Room Temperature (ASTM D 4921) 0.5 liter 229
Repassivation Potential of Aluminum and Its Alloys by Galvanostic Measurement (D6208) 50 ml 399
Heater Core Corrosion or Erosion Testing, 2000 total hours Per Piece 5000
Hot Surface Hard Water Scale Test 4 liters 1550
Heat Transfer Fluids for HVAC Systems (ASTM D8039) Contact Lab 1950
Radiator Corrosion Testing, 2000 total hours Per Piece 5500
Radiator High Flow Erosion testing, 2000 total hours Per Piece 5500
Repassivation Potential of Aluminum and Its Alloys by Ford Method 50 ml 750
RPVOT: Engine Coolant Corrosion Protection Under Accelerated Thermal and Oxidizing Conditions Using a Rotating Pressure Vessel D7820 0.5 liters 1900
Silicate Stability per Valvoline D4340 Modification 2 liters 850
Simulated Service of Coolants (ASTM D2570) 20 liters 6200
Simulated Service Testing of Non-Aquesos Engine Coolants 20 liters 6200
Stop Leak Test (D3147) 4 liters 850
Stop Leak Specification Test Group (D6107) 8 liters 2050
Storage and Stability, GM Method 1 liter 1135
Storage and Stability, US Military Method 2 liters 425

* Antifreeze concentrate. Double if 50-50 prediluted coolant is to be tested

** Concentrated Supplemental Coolant Additive


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